Florida Trail Association

Highlander Chapter Officers


Due to the SPAM I am going back to the old method of adding words to the email addresses. Replace the "words in parentheses" with an @ and a period for "dot"
Chapter Chair Mike tamburrino m_tamburrino"at"msn"dot"com
Vice Chair Glenda Moore gmaemoore"at"yahoo"dot"com
Secretary Mary Ring momring"at"yahoo"dot"com
Treasurer Diane Roesch flhiker"at"aol"dot"com
Activity Chairs Mary Ellen Milton; Bobbi Keenan; Mary Ring for the Villages MEM32735"at"aol"dot"com;  bobbiszoo"at"yahoo"dot"com; momring"at"yahoo"dot"com
Media PR Coordinator Glenda Moore gmaemoore"at"yahoo"dot"com
Trail Coordinator Sandy Bell mdvsandy"at"gmail"dot"com
Membership Mary Ellen Milton MEM32735"at""dot"aol"dot"com
Newsletter Editor Wade Williston wwillist01"at"gmail"dot"com
Calendar Editor Bobbi Keenan bobbiszoo"at"yahoo"dot"com
Representatives to Chapter Council John Grob and Mike Tamburrino johndgrob"at"gmail"dot"com 
Program Chair Ginger Leach  GingerLeach"at"hotmail"dot"com
Web Masters Bobbi & Francis Keenan fkeenan"at"embarqmail"dot"com
MeetUp Coordinator Wade Williston wwillist01"at"gmail"dot"com
Chapter Coordinator Bobbi Keenan bobbiszoo"at"yahoo"dot"com
Quartermaster Christine Pena pena2081"at"comcast"dot"net
Archivist/Historian Christine Pena pena2081"at"comcast"dot"net
Outreach Coordinator Cathy Leavers cjleavers"at"yahoo"dot"com
Chapter Photographer Diane Dammiller Dammiller"at"aol"dot"com
Grant Writer Dee Bender deebender829"at"gmail"dot"com
Recycling Manager Bill Leach wwleach"at"hotmail"dot"com
Memorial Committee Chair Stuart Force stuart.force"at"comcast"dot"net

Trailmasters:  Arlene Beal, Sandy Bell, Dee Bender, Gene Bouley, Richard Devine, Stuart Force, Melodie and Dennis Hardy, Greg Hart, Karen Harrington, Brad Hoopes, Francis Keenan, Kathy Lamb, Bill and Ginger Leach, Mary Ellen Milton, Steve and Bernice Nemeth,  Mary Ring, Mike Tamburrino, Tom Mowbray, Wade Williston and Bruce Zollner.

Activity Leaders:  Richard Abrams, Mike Barnett, Arlene Beal, Gene Bouley, Diane Dammiller, Ken Dammiller, Doris Danzer, Richard Devine, John Grob, Melodie and Dennis Hardy, Brad Hoopes, Bobbi Keenan, Francis Keenan, Marilyn LeMire, Bill Milton, Mary Ellen Milton, Steve  Nemeth, Diane Paul, Bob Sippey, Suzanne Sippey, Mike Tamburrino, Don Valcheff, Wade Williston, Bruce Zollner.


Previous Chapter Chairs: 

1998-2004 Mike Barnett

2004-2005 Debbie Almy

2006-2010 Mike Barnett

2010-2012 Bill Milton

2012-2014 Rollin Patrick

2014-2016 Howard Pospesel

2016-2018 Eugene Bouley

2018 Bill Leach

Previous Treasurers:

Bobbi Keenan, Susan Mika

Previous Secretaries:

Nancy Barnett, Dale Horn, Diane Roesch, Carmen Pospesel 

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