Marjorie Harris Carr,
Cross Florida Greenway  

A Millennium Legacy Trail

Part of  the Florida Natural Scenic Trail

Marion County, Florida
Office of Greenways and Trails

This is a wonderful restoration of a long ago project.  The original idea in the late 1800’s was to cut a shipping canal through the middle of the state to decrease the shipping time from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.  Construction began in 1935 when jobs were scarce and war was in our future.  Funds for the project disappeared in 1936 and construction did not begin again until 1964.  Construction was later halted due to a series of lawsuits.  In late 1990 the project was abandoned and the Greenway was created with new goals for conservation and public access to a 110-mile linear park of some 70,000 acres.


The Florida Trail Association under the guidance of Section Leader Ken Smith and with the work of many other volunteers have created about 20 miles of trail running from the Santos Trailhead just north of Belleview, west to SR 200.  This trail crosses over the “one of a kind in the United States” land bridge built over Interstate 75.  This unique bridge looks like a regular overpass from the interstate but it supports a multi-purpose planted, landscaped terrain for the safe passage of horse, bear, human, bicycle and any other user of the trail.



The Santos Trailhead is located at 3080 SE 80th Street.  This is approximately 3 miles north of Belleview and just west of US 441.  Other access points are:  Off of 25th avenue between 80th and 90th streets; Off of 95th street between 25th avenue and CR 475; Off of CR 475A between CR484 and CR 475B.


Office of Greenways and Trails
2600 Blairstone Road, Mail Station 795
Tallahassee, FL  32399-2400

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